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Alex Merriman

Alex Merriman

Originally from Redondo Beach, California, I now live in Las Vegas working full time in production for the UFC. I created EyeHandy a few years back, thinking it would be a fun project to create and grow as a brand, all the while giving me something to work on in my spare time. I'm not the type to just sit back and relax, I'd rather make something that I can share with others. My background is filmmaking, so I love to be behind the camera and come up with new and creative ideas as often as possible. Whenever I come across cool things on the web, I enjoy sharing them with friends, sparking the latest addition of articles to EyeHandy.
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Articles by Alex Merriman

Guy Creates Way To Hack And Overtake Amazon Drones Carrying Packages

With the news launch of Amazon Prime Air, the fears of our sky being overtaken by robots might become a little more scary with the help of this guy. Samy Kamkar has created a software, rightfully dubbed “Drone Strike”, which he claims enables him to intercept and take full control of any drone with SkyJack. All […]

Hands down our favorite Victoria’s Secret model, rolling around in a bed

If there has ever been a model out there that would get us to lock a rock on their finger, it’s Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel. While we weren’t fortunate enough to shoot this video, we figured you wouldn’t mind if we shared it with you guys anyway.


Seven Ingredients to Picking Up Women

Picking up women can be like a game. You win some, you lose some, you strike out, you become MVP, you choke in overtime. It’s an unpredictable pastime that leaves many of us frustrated, confused and hating on the guys who just seem to “get it.”

The fact is that picking up women can be a little more methodical than you think. Add these tips to your pick up cocktail and see if you see better results.

8 Don’ts for Guy’s Partying In Vegas (From Someone Who Lives There)

If you’ve found yourself “three sheets to the wind” with an overwhelming feeling of high anxiety laced with a hint of bad decisions, chances are you’re somewhere in the departure terminal awaiting the next flight to Vegas. The pulses of fight-or-flight feelings you’re experiencing are perfectly normal, as your brain has taken over and placed you into survival mode because, let’s face it, Vegas is going to f**k you up.

The Yacht Week – The Best Party You Will Ever Experience

Bust out the captain hats and Ray Bans, it’s time to start poppin’ bottles on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Yes, you read that right. Now hop aboard and follow us while we give you the in’s and outs of what could possibly be the best week of your life.

Flying Cars, Now For Pre-Order

Flying cars — They seem about as unrealistic as waking up between Kate Upton and Megan Fox on a sunny beach somewhere in the tropics. While riding the clouds in a blissful state of euphoria has seemed like nothing but a dream our whole lives, it’s quickly about to be a very stern reality. A company […]

EyeHandy’s Spring Break Survival Guide to Saving Some Dignity

Hot bodies in bikinis, alcohol, sun and water – The crucial ingredients for spring break and a recipe for disaster. Before you blackout at 2 p.m. in the middle of a wet t-shirt contest on your first day of spring break, we’re here to help you keep some of your dignity and make it through spring break alive.

How To Smoke a Cigar Like a Boss

Unless you’re a great cigar aficionado like the late Winston Churchill, you more than likely fall into the category with the rest of us by enjoying a cigar every now and then or when a special occasion arises. Next time you’re on the hunt for a celebratory cigar for the boys during a trip to Vegas, this article will be sure to work as your go-to guide.

10 Benefits of Eating Chocolate This Valentine’s Day

The month of giving chocolates is here, or if you’re single, a bottle of bourbon whiskey will suffice. Whether you will be eating the chocolate delights by yourself or off your significant other/girl you barely know, we figured we’d take you down the sweet path of the good, the great, and the downright naughty facts of chocolate’s effects.

Super Bowl XLVII Drinking Game

Any great super bowl party should be accompanied by some hot girls and a good drinking game. While we unfortunately can’t provide you with any sexy EyeHandy girls to run around your party, we can help you with a drinking game that will be sure to get you super blitzed this Super Bowl Sunday.

How-To Wear a Tie Bar

From the tailoring of your pants to the grooming of your facial hair, staying top notch is key to attract any woman’s attention. An often over looked detail by many guys sporting a dress shirt and tie is the tie bar. However, if you don’t know the correct way to wear one, you might just be scoring your self negative points with the ladies.

How-To Ease a Hangover

New Years Eve is here, which means a great night of bad decisions is only moments away for many of us. Unfortunately, this paves the way for a not so great day of being curled up in a ball, hungover, and attempting to find our dignity. Well, fear not. EyeHandy is right here by your side and we’ve compiled all the best ways to help alleviate your hangover and get you through the day.

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