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How-To Replace a Car Battery With Julia

February 18th, 2012
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New Car Battery
Crescent Wrench
Socket Wrench (With Extension)

Step 1

After opening the hood and locating your old battery, you may find a cover bar over the top. Using a Crescent Wrench, loosen and remove the screw that holds it in place. Remove or push the bar to the side.

Step 2

Distinguish your battery terminals. The negative will have a minus sign and is usually black. While the positive has a plus sign and is usually red.

Step 3

Using a crescent wrench, carefully disconnect the negative terminal first. Push to the side and out of the way. Disconnect the positive terminal second. Remove and push to the side. Performing in the wrong order can lead to damage.

Step 4

Find a socket wrench with an extension. You will most likely need this to remove the last screws securing the battery in place. This extension will allow you to access hard to reach areas.





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