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Sexy How-To Videos

How-To Make a Liquor Bottle Lamp With Alex

Next time you’re laying on the floor passed out with a bottle of whiskey in your hand, think about this video of Alex. It won’t help you whatsoever, but it sure will brighten up your day! (See what we did there?)

How-To Chill Warm Beer in 5 Minutes with Stephanie

We’ve all had that one friend who brings a fresh case of beer to the party, only to find out it hasn’t seen a fridge in hours. Fret not, Stephanie is here to show you how to turn that room temperature beer into an ice cold arctic waterfall for your mouth in a matter of minutes.

How-To Make a White Russian With Kat

Branch out from the old rum and coke’s and try something a little different with a White Russian. Have a couple of these and you will be ready to rock for the night. Now if only you had a couple EyeHandy girls to join you. Don’t forget to always drink responsibly!

How-To Tap a Beer Keg With Devin

You arrive to the party with your newly purchased keg, only to find everyone staring at you as you foolishly fumble with the tap and spray beer all over the place. Or, you watch Devin show you the proper way of tapping a keg and not be “that” guy when you or someone else show’s up with the keg. Your choice.

How-To Make Sex On The Beach With Tara

Learning how to make new mixed drinks is a great way to change things up from the boring old Vodka Cranberry. There are many great mixed drinks that EyeHandy will be delivering over the following months, so sit back and let Tara show you this weeks classic and very delicious cocktail called Sex on the Beach.

How-To Make an Orgasm With Jaclyn

Not only are alcoholic shots supposed to taste good, they should sound pretty damn appealing as well. When it comes to an Orgasm, this shot satisfies both those needs and is definitely one of the most fun to order a round of at the bar. Watch Jaclyn show you how simple and delicious an Orgasm can be.

How-To Make Jello Shots With Jaclyn

For our 25th video on EyeHandy, we figured we had something to celebrate about. So here in our 25th video we are teaching everyone how to make Jello shots and celebrate with us (if you’re over 21 of course)! Not only are they delicious, but have enough of them and you will really feel their effects. If you want a simple and fun way to get the party going, watch Jaclyn demonstrate the process of making Jello Shots. Here’s to many more EyeHandy videos!

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