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Sexy How-To Videos

How-To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries With Devin

Make a simple and delicious treat this Valentine’s Day to get things heated up in the bedroom. Not only will it look like you put some effort into your date, but you will save money in the process. Kick up the romance this year by indulging in this sweet desert video with Devin.

The Best of EyeHandy 2011 made its debut in the summer of 2011 with just 15 videos. In 6 short months after, we have brought the close of 2011 with more than 37 amazing how-to videos. In this video, we bring you a look back at the awesome, beautiful girls of Enjoy!

How-To Wrap a Present With Ashley

Getting your package wrapped up right is not nearly as hard as you may think. With the right material and the proper instruction from Ashley, you’ll have your gift wrapped perfectly for the holidays this season.

How-To Cook a Turkey With Kat

With Thanksgiving fast approaching here in the U.S., it’s time for finding that perfect turkey for serving up. The last thing you want is to spend time and energy cooking all day only to deliver a not so well cooked plate of turkey meat. Don’t look like a fool this year. Allow Kat to show you everything thing needed to know for making that Thanksgiving turkey come out just right.

How-To Carve a Pumpkin With Ashley (A New Way)

Halloween is a time of year to dress up in your sexiest outfit and carve a pumpkin. Well, at least here at EyeHandy it is. Ashley knows the secret to carving that pumpkin in a more beneficial way than you probably do. If only you knew of this trick years ago, you wouldn’t be kicking yourself while watching Ashley show you how it should be done in this week’s video. Hint: Stop cutting through the top!

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