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Sexy How-To Videos

How-To Chill Warm Beer in 5 Minutes with Stephanie

We’ve all had that one friend who brings a fresh case of beer to the party, only to find out it hasn’t seen a fridge in hours. Fret not, Stephanie is here to show you how to turn that room temperature beer into an ice cold arctic waterfall for your mouth in a matter of minutes.

How-To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries With Devin

Make a simple and delicious treat this Valentine’s Day to get things heated up in the bedroom. Not only will it look like you put some effort into your date, but you will save money in the process. Kick up the romance this year by indulging in this sweet desert video with Devin.

How-To Make a Mojito With Corey

A Mojito is a delicious alcoholic drink with a minty taste. Originating in Cuba, Mojitos are great to enjoy from the relaxing beaches of a tropical locale to the upbeat nightlife of a club. Learn how-to make a great tasting Mojito with Corey and you won’t regret it!

How-To Wrap a Present With Ashley

Getting your package wrapped up right is not nearly as hard as you may think. With the right material and the proper instruction from Ashley, you’ll have your gift wrapped perfectly for the holidays this season.

How-To Tap a Beer Keg With Devin

You arrive to the party with your newly purchased keg, only to find everyone staring at you as you foolishly fumble with the tap and spray beer all over the place. Or, you watch Devin show you the proper way of tapping a keg and not be “that” guy when you or someone else show’s up with the keg. Your choice.

How-To Prepare a Hookah With Devin

Smoking from a Hookah pipe with friends is a great social experience that has been around for thousands of years. However, if you just purchased one from a smoke shop or online store, you probably have no idea what to do next. Good thing Devin is here to show you the step-by-step guide to getting your Hookah pipe up and running.

How-To Make a Beer Bong With Mandi

Nothing starts a party quite like a beer bong. Hitting your local hardware store and grabbing a few supplies is all you will need. Mandi will show you just how simple it is to build the perfect beer bong in a matter of minutes.

How-To Remove Club Stamps With Chelsea

Waking up the morning after hitting the clubs, look at your hands and you’ll probably notice a ton of unnecessary stamp ink. Chelsea will show you the quickest ways to remove club stamps and permanent marker from your skin. You don’t have to hide your sins from the night before when you can just remove them.

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