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Sexy How-To Videos

How-To Wash a Dirt Bike With Stephanie

Washing down your dirt bike just got a whole lot better with Stephanie behind the throttle showing you everything you need to know to do it properly. Watch, learn… repeat.

6 Yoga Poses With Stephanie

Before you hit the Yoga studio and embarrass yourself in front of all those hot girls in yoga pants, watch Stephanie show you some pointers on 6 common yoga posses. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

How-To Wrap Your Hands For MMA With Alex

Hand wraps help stabilize your wrists during a fight, protecting the joints and bones within your hand. No matter if you’re a pro or haven’t even stepped foot on canvas yet, knowing the proper way to wrap your hands is a must. Thankfully, Alex is here to help.

How-To Field Strip and Clean an AR-15 Rifle With Ashley

The key to maintaining proper function of your AR-15 rifle, or any gun for that matter, is to keep it clean on a regular basis. Breaking down an AR-15 is not all that easy and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be very unsafe. Luckily Ashley is here, in typical EyeHandy fashion, delivering the best AR-15 cleaning video you will find demonstrating how to dismantle, clean, and rebuild an AR-15 rifle.

How-To Rack 9-Ball Pool With Savannah

Learning how to rack a game of 9-ball pool can be a good thing to know the next time you’re out with the guys. It’s an easy game to play and an even easier rack to learn. Watch Savannah demonstrate in this week’s video the proper way to rack a game of 9-ball.

How-To Regrip Golf Clubs With Julia

Saving money by regriping your own golf clubs is a very simple process that takes little effort. Instead of leaving your clubs at the pro shop for a few days and paying a ton of cash, watch Julia show you the tricks needed to get a tighter grip out on the course for a fraction of the price.

How-To Carpet a Longboard With Lauren

It’s a new trend around beach cities and there is no wonder why. Replacing the grip tape on your long board with carpet makes riding around town a lot more fun. Lauren will show you everything you need to make ridding barefoot so much better.

How-To Dewax a Surfboard With Eli

Changing the wax on your board from time to time is something every surfer deals with. Watch Eli teach you the best ways to get that old wax off your surfboard so you can focus more on the waves and not your grip.

How-To Wax a Snowboard With Julia

Having your board properly waxed before you hit the mountain is crucial in helping you glide across the snow. Taking your board in to the shop can become costly and inconvenient. Julia will teach you how to wax your own snowboard and save money down the road.

How-To Remove Grip Tape With Lauren

Removing old grip tape from your skateboard is not as difficult as you might think. Lauren will demonstrate the simple tricks you need to know to get that old tape off. Get fresh grip on your board so you can rock the skate park.

How-To Wax a Surfboard With Eli

Adding wax to your surfboard is crucial. Eli will teach you the correct way to apply wax to your surfboard and what type of wax you are going to need. This technique will give you maximum grip when you shred the waves.

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